In winter, most of us just want to stay home cosy and warm. However, it is the perfect time for some outdoor activities that will make you feel alive and help you keep the resolutions of fitness and healthy living you took at the start of the year. Doing some sport is also the best way to beat this feeling of sadness and fatigue sometimes brought by the lack of sun and light. Put your trainers on and go out, you will discover that the winter is a great season!


The most obvious winter activity, you can practice it in the UK resorts. There are also many ski centres in the country where you can learn the basics before taking on the slopes. A week of skiing, a long week-end or even just a day if you're leaving close to some resorts is the perfect winter activity. You will also love the landscapes and the quiet mountains.


This discipline of rock climbing is practiced on short rocks without ropes but a crash pad. Because the problems are harder and more technical, the friction of the rock is crucial. For this reason, bouldering is mostly done in winter.


Nobody wants to run when it is hot so winter is a good time to get your trainers out and hit the road. A run after work, or on the way back home, is a good way to stretch your legs after sitting all day. You can also forget about work and feel your blood pumping. You will enjoy even more going back in a warm home.

Hill Walking

The countryside in winter is so different that it is worth to spend a day of your week-end once in a while to go for a walk. There are health benefits as well as rewards to see the wildlife coping with the cold. Follow these walks with a cup of hot cocoa and some cakes to nicely round up your Sunday.