It’s well-known that the weather in Great Britain is a bit irregular; you can experience the four seasons all in one day or have a great summer- not very hot, but sunny and with a perfect temperature- or simply see through the window the rain that doesn’t stop falling.

Despite all the above, you can’t miss the great beaches in England. In this post we are going to talk about 3 beaches which are at the very top.


It is located in the city of South Sields, Tyne and Wear, near Newcastle. Each summer this beach receives the international recognition of the blue flag which is granted to those beaches that help to protect the environment.

Lots of people enjoy the summer in this location, but it doesn’t always guarantee the sun. The beach has fine sand with a little level difference. Here you can visit the Roman Fortress of Arbeia and the Whitley Bay lighthouse as well.


Probably the city with the most famous beach in England. Thousands of people come every summer because the sun shines here more than usual in England.

If you want to see people on the beach and several activities to do, the best place to get the sun is close to the Brighton Pier. Besides, there are some fish and chips shops to have a lunch which are delicious. By contrast, if you prefer to spend a relaxing day on the beach, the best place for you is Hove. It is quiet and perfect to have a swim.

There are lots of restaurants and pubs to enjoy an ice cold beer and it’s one of the best places to organize stag and hen parties.


Possibly one of the most beautiful English beaches. It’s a beach with reddish sands which is located between Paignton and Brixham in Torbay. It has great views to the Toy Bay.

Here the water is shallow and calm- a great place for small children. It’s a great place to come with the car thanks to the huge car park on the back of the beach.

Although there are some restaurants to eat and shops where you can buy some food or gifts, the place is very peaceful, the silence is particularly enjoyable here because of the far away roads and cities.