This post will highlight the very best cakes you can find on the European continent. Whether you are looking for a tasty treat to bring along to a picnic or a special birthday: these are the best cakes to choose from. They are different, versatile and will cause a taste explosion in your mouth. Surprise everyone with a special gift basket full of European treats. Bake them yourself or head to your favourite deli and make this a tasteful occasion. 

Dutch Apple Cake

You might think you know what an apple cake tastes like but not until you have tried the Dutch variety. The Dutch are proud of their homemade apple cake and they serve it in every café and restaurant as an afternoon snack. The standard recipe includes a sensational mixture of apples, raisins, cinnamon and lemon.

Swedish Daim cake

The well-known Swedish chocolate has a big sister in the form of a luscious cake. A rich mix of almonds, yoghurt and three bars of Daim will take you to chocolate heaven.  You can make one yourself or head to your nearest Ikea to buy one from the shop.

German Schwarzwalder Kirsch chocolate cake

Dark chocolate, cream and forest fruits are all you need for this little number. It is a hearty treat best served with a dark espresso to balance out the high level of sugar.  

Spanish Coca Maria

A quirky cake made from almonds and cinnamon. This cake is best enjoyed during the afternoon with a cup of tea. It is a cake without any frills but with a rich taste. 

French mousse cake

Leave it to the French to come up with a very alternative style of baking. The French mousse cake is in a category of its own.  The base of the cake is made like any other cake; by mixing baking powder with eggs and butter. The rest of the cake is made up out of different layers and flavours of mousse. 

Italian Millefoglie cake

The Millefoglie cake is the ultimate birthday cake for almost every Italian citizen. It is a simple cake and it only takes half an hour to prepare. All you need is puff pastry, crème Chantilly, some sugar, lady fingers, eggs and almonds to create this taste sensation.

British gourmet cheesecake

A perfect cake to bring along to summer picnics in the park. The British gourmet cheesecake is light and versatile which makes it a great treat for almost everyone.  

Czech Kolache

This is not your traditional cake but it is an amazing treat that will impress ay person you present it to. Making kolache is reasonably straight forward. You create small rolls out of sweet leavened dough and fill them with poppy seeds, plum jam, walnuts or farmers cheese. This is a great alternative to the standard cakes and sweet treats. 

Greek carrot cake

Greek carrot cake is very different from your usual British carrot cake. Take away the frosting and the bountiful spices and you have the traditional Greek recipe. This might make it sound like a dull cake but the spongy texture will steal your heart. This is one to try.
The best thing about the European Championships is the fact you can swap teams and country whenever you like. Let’s just say England is kicked out straight away and you want to adopt another country such as Spain or Italy, you can.  The great thing about living in London is that you can easily adopt a new country and hang out with the locals to support their team in an international pub. So just in case you’re already thinking about switching teams: here are best 5 international pubs in London to watch the European Cup. 

The Bavarian Beerhouse

Country: Germany

The Bavarian Beerhouse is a great venue at any rate. The pub is tucked away in a cosy cellar underneath the busy London streets. Booking a table is essential, especially if you want to see the matches of the German team. There is an entry fee of ten pounds that reserves you a seat at a table and a ticket for one of the after parties. 

The Hems

Country: The Netherlands

A bustling pub situated in the heart of Soho in central London. It is a small pub, which serves Dutch bar snacks and beer with a large head. Make sure to venture out early because the enormous amount of Dutch people living in London will be watching the match from this pub. Enjoy the atmosphere and the electric spirit of the country that dresses up in the colour orange. Down to earth as the Dutch usually are, they go all out during events likes the European football championships. Google and purchase some quirky orange merchandise. The Dutch are infamous for their outrageous orange outfits and outrageous accessories. 

Le Bouchon Bordelais

Country: France

Le Bouchon Bordelais is an authentic French café that serves fine food and great wine. Support the French team whilst you enjoy a scrumptious meal in the front garden. Inside you will find a cinema room in which every UEFA Cup games will be screened. Revel in the classic atmosphere of this traditional café and enjoy the footie like the French. 

Bar Italia

Country: Italy

Can you remember the 2006 championships when Italy won? Every city in world belonged to the Italians for the night. You couldn’t look left or right without walking in to a cheerful group of Italian football supporters dressed in blue. Bar Italia organised an amazing street party with live music as the Italian team took the golden trophy home. This year might be their year again. In any case, if you like to enjoy homemade Italian food and a strong espresso whilst watching the footie, bar Italia is your destination for UEFA 2012.

Bradley’s Spanish Bar

Country: Spain

Dress up in red and cheer on the world champions that will be fighting extra hard to gain the European title as well. Bradley’s Spanish Bar is a hidden pub in the centre of London. It is famed for its vinyl jukebox, friendly staff and lively atmosphere. The Spanish football matches are shown live in the basement of the pub. Expect a cheerful crowd, fresh beer and a lot of music and dancing at the end of the night.